About us Who are we?
Know Himalaya Computing
Himalaya Computing is a company which develops custom software and hardware solutions based in Cáceres (Spain). We are experts in different scientific and technologic fields, so we can help you whether you own a business, or you work in a teaching or research center.
What we do?

Custom Projects

We create solutions that satisfy the needs of your company or institution.

Modular Design

We design systems based in components, which enables faster development and higher reuse.

Iterative Development

The client takes part in the development from the first prototype, which we will adapt and improve until we achieve the final product.


We work as consultants in fields related to computer security and we are qualified to submit expert reports.


We opt for the combination of Science and Technology and we are qualified to participate in research projects.


We offer talks and conferences where our developments are taught, as well as courses related to Science and Technology.


We are experts in the digital entertainment field, with wide knowledge in the development of applications for mobile devices, tablets and PCs.

The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.
HIMALAYA COMPUTING S.L. Av/ Hernán Cortés 34, Entreplanta 10004, Cáceres, Spain